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5 Rules to Follow on the Keto Diet


As health awareness becomes an increasingly relevant issue for our population, having a healthy lifestyle has also become an important aspect in our lives. In addition to exercising and taking care of your mental health, an essential part of being more health conscious is being aware of the way you eat. 

The question of how to eat healthily is an on-going discussion with a wide range of answers. While we know it’s important to follow a healthy diet, the specifics of a healthy diet are based on each individual’s health goals and body type. There are thousands of nutritional regimens focused on different objectives, like lowering blood sugar, losing weight, or increasing muscle mass.

Currently, one of the most recognized nutritional methods is the keto diet. The keto diet incorporates restricting the intake of carbs and sugars to replace them with healthy fats.


Sustainable Foods

The ultimate goal of the keto diet is to get the body into a state of ketosis, which burns fat reserves more quickly. The metabolic changes that occur with a keto diet are similar to fasting so the body can shed fat and weight, but still add muscle mass. The keto diet also aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

However, to carry out such a strict regimen means closely following very specific food criteria to ensure it’s done right and doesn’t result in harming your body. Here are five rules to follow when following the keto diet:

  1. Ask Your Doctor Before Starting

Before starting any diet, you should always discuss with your doctor to determine if it is the correct diet for your needs and health status. Due to how strict the keto diet is, consulting with your physician is an essential first step in the process. 

  1. Say Bye-Bye to Carbs 

One of the basic principles of the keto diet is to eat between 20 and 50 grams of carbohydrates per day. Wave goodbye to grains (rice, wheat, corn, beans), some fruits like bananas, mangoes and pineapples, and most flours. 

  1. Life Without Sugar

When following the keto diet, it is necessary to stop consuming foods that contain high levels of refined sugars. This includes sodas, alcoholic beverages, any type of sugar, and even honey. You can consume an alternative sweetener, such as allulose. Because it’s still a natural sweetener, allulose is the perfect alternative to enjoy a sweet taste without any effect on your body. 

  1. Do Not Follow the Diet for a Long Period of Time

Because the keto diet is so restrictive and actually alters your metabolic state, it is important that you do not follow it for long periods of time. Doing keto for too long will eventually stop being beneficial and start to be a potential risk to your health. Follow the keto diet a month at a time, then, give your body some time to relax and consume the foods that provide the nutrients it needs.

  1. Stick to the 75% - 15% - 10% Balance

The most important rule of the keto diet is that you follow certain intake percentages. These are: 75% fat, 15% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. Thanks to these proportions, your body can reach the overall goal, which is a state of ketosis. You can use an online platform to help you calculate your own specific macros and tailor your keto plan to your body. 

Remember that even if you are on a restrictive diet, you can enjoy your favorite foods by consuming a healthier version that follows your individual keto plan, like the ones we offer at GoodSAM. Following a keto diet is fairly common, so there are tons of great options available to help you stick to the plan and feel your best. 

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