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The perfect dessert for celebrating Earth Day

The perfect dessert for celebrating Earth Day

How can you celebrate Earth Day? by preparing something delicious! But more than a dessert full of flavor, it's ideal to make one with sustainable ingredients, because eating consciously is one of the best ways to pay homage to the planet we inhabit. 

There is nothing more traditional and delicious than a chocolate cake, and an organic version of this will leave you satisfied in body and mind; knowing that your food comes from sustainable crops allows you to consume quality ingredients while enjoying a unique flavor. 

Join us in preparing this delicious recipe and let's celebrate Earth Day together!


1 Chocolate cake baking mix

2 cups vegetable milk of your choice 

2 teaspoons vanilla essence

3 eggs* 

1 Chocolate candy coated almonds

½ Kilo of organic strawberries

½ Kilo of blueberries

*If you want to make this vegan chocolate cake, you can replace the eggs by mixing a tablespoon of chia seeds with 2.5 tablespoons of water to prepare a ''chia egg'' and add it to the mixture. 

How to make it?

The first step to prepare this chocolate cake is to preheat your oven to 350 degrees and grease a baking pan.  It is important that you grease the pan so that the cake does not stick and you can remove it from the pan easily. 

In a bowl add the GoodSam Chocolate Cake Mix with the eggs, milk and vanilla extract, use a spatula to mix until you get a homogeneous dough. Then (and optionally) add half a package of Chocolate candy coated almonds to the mix, it will give it a crunchy touch that you will love! 

Add the mixture to the greased pan and spread evenly, place the pan in the center of the oven and leave it there for about 16 minutes. A great tip is to stick a knife in the center of the cake, if it comes out clean it means it's ready! Take the cake out of the oven and let it cool to unmold later. 

While the cake is cooling, wash the strawberries, remove the leaves and cut them in half, put them in a bowl and proceed to wash the blueberries. After unmolding the cake, place the pieces of fruit on top of the cake in an orderly fashion and add the rest of the packet of almonds to decorate.

Your Earth Day cake is ready! Best of all? It's organic, gluten-free and with no added sugar. Eating healthy is not synonymous with eating boring recipes.

Happy Earth Day!

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