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55% Sea Salt & Almond Bar

  • $4.99

Perfectly rich and smooth, this 55% dark chocolate bar is enhanced with sea salt + an almond crunch.

GoodSAM's Organic Cacao is sourced from The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Perijá Serrany, two biodiverse regions in Colombia, grown by 150 local families using regenerative agriculture to stay in tune with the balance necessary for this delicate ecosystem. 

Product attributes:
Regeneratively Farmed Ingredients
Made with Organic Ingredients
Gluten Free
Direct Trade
Sugar Free
Sweetened with Allulose and Allulose only (no fillers or additional sweetener ‘helpers’)
1 Net Carbs/ Serving

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (Cacao Mass*, Allulose^, Cacao Butter*, Sunflower Lecithin^), Almonds, Sea Salt.

*Organic and Direct Trade; +Organic; ^NON-GMO

Our chocolate is sweetened with Allulose. It is on the nutritional panel as a carbohydrate, but is deducted when calculating Net Carbs: 16g Carbs - 2 Fiber - 13 Allulose = 1 Net Carb per serving

Disclaimer: Produced on equipment that also processes dairy and soy.

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