Orlando’s Single Farm Origin Coffee, Colombia

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Why You'll Love Orlando's Coffee:

Tasting Notes: peach, honey, and caramel. Grown at an altitude: 5,240ft. just outside Ibagué, Colombia on a single family farm

Fertilized with local vermicompost, enriched with phosphorite and mycorrhiza. Orlando and his family live on the foothill of the Central Andes where they grow organic coffee, bananas, avocados amongst other fresh produce on their fully organic regenerative farm. Orlando's nephew Jairo works part-time on the farm whilst finishing his studies on specialty coffee and studying English to become an international coffee expert (he's really good!). Jairo has been in charge of selling GoodSam this micro lot of 1,000 pounds, which has cupped extraordinarily well as a  USDA Organic certified coffee at 85 points. Orlando, his family and farm are amongst our nearest and dearest partners, expect future lots and products from this exceptional family! 

Single Origin Colombian Coffee:

Our everyday single origin organic coffee can’t be beat. 

Coffee Variety: Mixed, 100% Arabica. Flavor: Caramel, Nuts, and Milk Chocolate. Acidity: medium. Body: medium/high. Altitude: 4,340ft. Location: Pueblo Bello, Cesar, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. GoodSam encountered this coffee in Northern Colombia in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest coastal mountain range in the tropics and isolated from the Andes. The majority of this coffee has been grown by the indigenous tribe Arhuaco who deeply care for their sacred grounds. This group of farmers is very special to us as GoodSam directly buys organic cacao, coffee and honey. GoodSam is supporting projects that protect the native vegetation of this region and is directly funding basic local education to ensure that local farmer families can stay together long-term through increased productivity and profitability of the farms and access to higher education for young adults.


Ingredients: Organic Arabica Coffee

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