Our Values


Regenerative Sustainable Farming

So these are some words that are starting to get thrown around, right?! But what the heck is this regenerative sustainable farming thing? It sounds complicated. And it is. (Sorry.) Regenerative Sustainable Farming is a complex orchestration of nature doing its wild thing but we’re going to try to sum it up for you here. This kind of farming put most of its focus on trapping carbon in the soil. We know- we were confused too. Isn’t carbon bad?! Actually, what scientists and farmers are figuring out is that big/ commercial agricultural farming practices have released a lot of carbon into the air which has depleted the soil (turns out carbon is good for something after all!). When plows and other big farm  equipment strip away at the top layers of soil, the soil can’t perform at it’s optimal levels. So what is the solution? Letting nature do its thing. Our farms don’t use any chemical fertilizers, they leverage compost from the previous harvest and they eliminate traditional large scale farming equipment that pulls up the soil. What’s the result? The healthiest farms we’ve ever seen. This puts farms into a long term contract with Mother Earth, secures future farm viability and creates a sustainable healthy environment where crops can thrive.


Organic food is food that is produced without harmful chemicals and pesticides. It is one of the easiest ways to keep you and your family safe. Sadly, in the US, we are still really far behind on banning chemicals that are harmful to human health. Here is a list of some of things you are purchasing to eat when you are not purchasing organic: xxxxx

Um, yeah. Gross and ‘OMG not good’ face. Good thing we’ve got you covered at GoodSam!


Fair Trade

Fair Trade is one of the largest modern day human crisis’ we are facing today. Not to mention that fact that with no farms there is no food and if we don’t start paying the farmer we’re going to have to say goodbye to mangos, chocolate and coffee (and no one reading this wants that to happen, right?!), amongst other things (we’re talking to you almond and macadamia lovers too). Fair Trade is paying farmers a fair and living wage to do what they do best: farm. When you opt for things like chocolate and coffee that aren’t fair trade (cause they are cheaper- and now you can see there is a reason for that) you are supporting low wages, unfavorable work conditions and in some cases child labor and human trafficking. Oooooo. We know you are going to look for fair trade now!