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Enjoy & Share with your Family and Friends (cause who doesn't want to share great food with people they love?!)Spread the Word and Change Lives. You're not just taking care of your family but all these people too.

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At GoodSam we know that you want to be a partner in a movement without having to be out in the field. In order to do that, you need better options for what you feed your family. We know that you don't want to be a mindless consumer which makes you feel guilty and powerless. We believe the products you buy and consume should be for the good of everyone. We get it, we care too. That's why we work with dozens of farmers on hundreds of hectares of regeneratively farmed land (we hang out there- a lot!). Buy GoodSam products, enjoy and share and change lives- you're taking care of a lot more people than just your family alone (our farmers thank you). So you can stop the mindless consumption and instead Be a Hero for Small Farms and part of the GoodSam movement. 

About Fair Trade

Download our 5 Things to Watch out for when Purchasing Fair Trade.