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The perfect dessert for celebrating Earth Day

The perfect dessert for celebrating Earth Day

How can you celebrate Earth Day? by preparing something delicious! But more than a dessert full of flavor, it's ideal to make one with sustainable ingredients, because eating consciously is one of the best ways to pay homage to the planet we inhabit.  There is nothing more traditional and delicio...
Best dark Chocolate

The 10 Best Dark Chocolate Bars Compared & Ranked

Article by Corey Nelson, Lisa Paris and Ashley Koff GoodSam Dark Chocolate   |   Taza Wicked Dark   |   Bulletproof 63%   |   Equal Exchange Very Dark   |   Alter Eco Deep Dark   |   Green & Black's 85%   |   Chocolove XOLily's 70%   |   ChocZero 70%   |    Hu Simple Dark Dark chocolate ...

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