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We are a group of entrepreneurs, industry vets, dreamers, doers and activists. GoodSam Foods is centered around our humanness and our willingness to take care of Mother Earth. We must not live only for ourselves, but for the planet and our fellow humans, too.

Our name stems from the parable of the Good Samaritan (though we are not associated with any religious denomination as a company). In the parable, a man is traveling and is robbed. He is stripped of everything he has. Many people walk by him, not unable but unwilling to help, until a Samaritan does and it makes all the difference. For us, at GoodSam, the traveler is the farmer and the soil, big agriculture and big food are the passersby who are not unable, but unwilling to do anything despite seeing another human and the planet suffer and the Good Samaritans are those of us who stop, see and are willing to change our behaviors to make impact.

At GoodSam we believe three things: Food that’s good for you, good for farmers and good for the planet. We believe that everyone should make a living wage and have a good quality of life. We believe in the quality of our soil and the farm practices that keep farms thriving for generations to come. And we believe that when you open a bag for a snack, you shouldn’t have to wonder if the company you are spending your money with is doing the right thing.

We must not live only for ourselves but for the planet and for our fellow humans, without the earth and each other, we will have nothing regardless of race, country and culture, religion, language, sexual orientation or anything else that society would have divide us.

We know our farmers, we know their methods and you can always expect full transparency from GoodSam and our supply chain. When we support small farms and regenerative farming practices, everyone wins; and not just for now, but for generations to come.

Join us in creating real opportunity & change. Planet. People. Prosperity for all. - Heather K. Terry & The GoodSam Team

Our Team

We are part of the planet, we are part of GoodSam, a team that contributes from all fronts.

  • Colombia (Bogotá D.C. - Medellín)
  • Canada, Toronto
  • Kenya, Nairobi
  • Our Farmers
Why I’m Team GoodSam

Saida Abdala

Marketing Director

I Believe in a sustainable world, and I love to work to create it. I love to be in a place where all of my days count for positive impact.

Bogotá D.C., Colombia

Lauren Appelt

Executive Assistant & Operations

I believe in the people behind GoodSam and their mission to create products that are delicious and ethically sourced. They truly care about the farmers and their quality of life.

New York, USA

Marcia Bell


I am proud to be part of a truly passionate team committed to creating a brand that puts people and the planet first - building genuine connections, championing small farms, and changing lives!

Biddeford, Maine. USA

Iryna Estevez


Chocolate and I have always shared a special relationship... and then coffee got added to the mix. And, to top it off, the goodness spreads beyond the love we have for our products - it touches the lives of the farmers who actually make it possible. That's Goodsam... I couldn't resist

Chicago, USA

Tom den Hartog

Director of Operations

GoodSam is part of me because it's something we have created going out there visiting farms. GoodSam has allowed me to do what I love most: working in the Colombian countryside. We follow through on what we say and this has build trust with farmers. I have been able to build a transparent and direct supply chain where everyone involved is winning. It has been an adventure and we will make sure it stays like this.

Medellin, Colombia

Heather K. Terry

Co-Founder & CEO

I've spent my entire career in chocolate and snacks. Connecting a delicious product to impact is the ultimate win when it comes to doing business today. It seems small, picking up snacks or coffee for your everyday, but when you buy snacks and coffee from GoodSam, you are doing so much more. You are enjoying a high quality product with health benefits, you are paying farmers and families a living wage, you are contributing to reversing climate change because of our and our partners sustainability practices. It is a beautiful thing and the reason I love getting up in the morning to do my job.

Greenwich, CT. USA

Kamau Kigundu

Strategy & Business Development Consultant

I am a GoodSam team member because I believe in the founders' vision for a healthier world, a more equitable workplace where farmers can earn above minimum wage, and where farming practices are transparent and environmentally friendly. As a team member based in Africa, I also believe that we will be able to transform the livelihoods of communities by empowering them, transfer knowledge on best farming practices, while also increasing GoodSam's global footprint.

Nairobi, Kenya

Alejandra Martínez

Graphic Designer

Creativity is a tool to empower business. I do believe in brands that empower diversity and sustainability.

Bogotá D.C., Colombia

Lisa Paris

Social Media & Community Manager

United States.Besides the fact that GoodSam is an amazing company doing all the good things, I’m super passionate about clean eating, and I love the idea of supporting small, regenerative farms while doing it.

Ashland, Oregon. USA

Our Farmers, In Their Own Words


Small farmers at “La Sierra Nevada” and the Coffee Region.


Small farmers mainly women in Nairobi.