Who we are




Sam was a man on a mission to bring delicious food to people and share the amazing stories behind it. He spent several years trying to find a way to get the high quality products he found in Colombia to the US market. Then he met Heather, and that’s kinda her thing. Heather has spent her career bringing better for you products to the US market for over a decade. And just like that, GoodSam was born.

At GoodSam we care about three things: Food that’s good for you, good for farmers and good for the planet. We believe that everyone should make a living wage and have a good quality of life. We believe in the quality of our soil and the farm practices that keep farms thriving for generations to come. And we believe that when you open a bag for a snack, you shouldn’t have to wonder if the company you are spending your money with is doing the right thing.

We know our farmers, we know their methods and you can always expect full transparency from GoodSam and our supply chain. When we support small farms, everyone wins.

Our Team

Our team is a dedicated crew of people, farm and planet evangelists! Check them out below and feel free to reach out to ask questions, offer suggestions or just say ‘hi’ by following us on Instagram. That’s where you can meet our farmers and hear their stories.