Candy Coated Peanuts (6 bags)

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 We created the first-ever Keto chocolate candy-coated candies!   Organic chocolate from the Central Andes of Colombia, and Allulose + Isomalt, perfectly paired to sweeten and candy coat, you will never go back to the sugar-sweetened stuff.  Couple them with organic peanuts and throw us back to our childhood (1990’s anyone?!)! The first chocolate candy-coated products to combine regenerative farm practices, sugar-free, Non-GMO, Vegan, and Direct Trade, these chocolate candy-coated treats are as good for farmers and the planet as they are for you. 

Product attributes:

Regeneratively Farmed Ingredients

Made with Organic Ingredients




Direct Trade



Sweetened with Allulose/ Isomalt and Allulose/ Isomalt only (no fillers or additional sweetener ‘helpers’)

3 Net Carbs/ Serving

Ingredients: Roasted Peanuts*, 55% Dark Chocolate (Cacao Mass*, Allulose^, and Cacao Butter*), Isomaltulose (from Beet Sugar^), Calcium Carbonate, Coloring (Spirulina Concentrate+, Sucrose+, Citric Acid), Gum Arabic+, Carnauba wax+.
*Organic and Direct Trade; +Organic; ^NON-GMO

Our peanuts are sweetened with Allulose and Isomalt. They are on the nutritional panel as a carbohydrate, but are deducted when calculating Net Carbs:
Carbs 12g – Fiber 2g – Allulose 4g – Isomalt 3g (60%) = 3 Net Carbs per serving

Disclaimer: Contains peanuts. Produced on equipment that also processes other tree nuts, peanuts, milk, soy, and wheat.

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